Real Estate Video Production Reno, Tahoe, Truckee and the Surrounding areas.

Real Estate Video Production

If you have a Real Estate listing in Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Truckee, or the surrounding areas, a real estate video production is one way to increase your viewers’ engagement with your listing.  One of the first benefits of a video is that it helps to build emotion and engagement with the potential buyer. Video provides motion that you just can not get from a still image in the same way. Motion=emotion.   Another benefit to a real estate video production is you can add details about the property as the video is playing as well as voice over description, background music, logos,  time-lapse, and much more, leading to an engaging viewing experience.  The video production also allows for your very own personal branding with your logo, license number and a call to action with your contact information so you can better convert potential viewers. Video productions can be hosted in order to be embedded on your own website as well.  With the real estate market being so competitive, visual content and how you market a listing are absolutely critical.  Real Estate video productions are a great way to differentiate your property from some of the competition who may be taking still photos alone.

Check out a couple real estate video productions below. Make sure to press the play button and turn on the audio if you want to hear the music for each video.

If you are just looking for some individual visual creative content like Aerial Photography,  High Quality still photography, or maybe you are just looking for some marketing advice, check out the other visual marketing services we offer.  If you like what you have read so far and want to talk to someone sooner rather than later drop us an email or give us a call today 775-525-1499.





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