Professional Real Estate Photography Services that stand out.

Choose the Real Estate Photography Package that fits your listing.

Not every property is the same, nor is every home owner.  We understand that you will have different needs based on the type of client you have and the type of property you are trying to sell.  To help you sort through the noise of selling your property online we have created 3 packages to help you get the edge in a competitive market.

Looking to list a Luxury property and want all the visual bells and whistles to help your listing stand out from the crowd, check out our Luxury Real Estate Photography Listing Package.

If you have a Real Estate listing that isn’t quite a luxury property but is not a basic property either, this is where our Premier Real Estate Photography package really shines.

Last but not least, if you’re looking to list a more basic property and budget for photography services is top of mind our Value Real Estate Photography package will be a great choice.

View the features of each Real Estate Photography package below.  If you are just looking for some individual visual creative content like Aerial Photography, High-end video, or maybe you’re just looking for some marketing advice check out the other visual marketing services we offer.  If you like what you have read so far and want to speak to someone sooner rather than later drop us an email or give us a call today 775-525-1499.

Luxury Real Estate Photography Package

This Premium Luxury photo package creates a beautifully lit, high-dynamic and comprehensive view of your home using advanced photography techniques that include:

  • High-End Still Photographs
  • Professional Lighting
  • Advanced Editing
  • Custom-branded Virtual Tour
  • Aerial Photography
  • Real Estate Video Production


Premier Real Estate Photography Package

Make your home truly shine and boost your home selling potential with this Advanced Photography Package that includes:

  • Up to 25 Photographs Delivered Digitally for web use.
  • Advanced Professional Lighting
  • HDR and lighting techniques for professional imaging
  • Basic HDR Imaging For Small Bathrooms
  • Custom-branded Virtual Tour
  • Basic Editing

Homes less than 3,000 square feet  for up to 2 hours of shooting.

Value Real Estate Photography Package

Create your listing for your property with this Professional Photography package that includes:

  • Up to 25 Digital Photos
  • Basic High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
  • Basic Editing

Homes less than 3,000 square feet for up to 1 hour of shooting. 

Additional Features and Add-Ons can be added

Aerial Photography: Get the bird’s eye view of your home to accentuate your whole property. Great for homes with plenty of acreage and outdoor landscaping features. Please Call 775-525-1499 to get a custom quote for your home on aerial real estate photography.

Advanced Editing and Retouching: Post-processing of individual photographs is a critical step in the Real Estate Photography world. Add any advanced editing to your package to fine-tune several portions of the image to help attract a buyer’s eye.

Additional Square Feet: Does your home pass the 3,000 square foot limit? No problem! Add additional square footage to your Real Estate Photography Reno service package. Contact us for a custom quote. Call us at 775-525-1499 or send us an email at

Video Services: Using video to show off your listing is another great way to help you sell. Let everyone else see your point of view and give them a feel for what the property will be like.

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