professional real estate services in reno

Learn why you should hire a professional real estate photographer.

Everyone is running short on time these days. As your schedule continues to fill up efficiency becomes imperative to every daily task. However, this time-crunch mentality is causing a serious problem in the real estate business causing listings to suffer from poor quality photos. It’s time to end your run of using camera phone photos to market your home and bring in a professional real estate photographer.

Don’t Hurt Your Sale

We have heard the same old phrase over and over again in this industry, and each time we are less convinced that your phone is capable of selling a home. As soon as we hear “my phone takes REALLY good pictures” we cannot help but shake our heads in disappointment. Until your phone is capable of housing a full-frame DSLR sensor, your phone will only take low quality, fuzzy and inefficient photos.

No Substitute For Professional Framing

Another thing your iPhone is incapable of is finding the right place to shoot for showcasing each individual room and component of your house. Simply getting the widest picture possible is not what creates great real estate photography. You need a professional photographer who specializes in turning your home into a full-fledged artistic scene.

We’re not the only ones who have discovered the inefficiencies of camera phone photos being used to sell homes. A great article from Market Leader discusses several reasons why you need a photographer to shoot your home, and all of them point to the bottom line: Selling The Home!