I will rely on Marcello Rostagni for all my photography needs. After doing a few family portraits with him a few years back I was excited to learn that he also specialized in real estate photography. He showed me a few samples and I was very impressed. I invited him out to shoot one of my rental properties and he did not disappoint. Small property and he was done in no time. He sent me the images and the property immediately got hits online. I was very excited, as were my buyers. Thanks again Marcello! Keep up the great work!

H.T. DouglasAgent

I began relying on a professional photographer to shoot all my home listings a few years ago after seeing such a big difference in the public response to homes that did not have good images to accompany them. I have used a couple different local photographers who do good work, but Marcello surpasses all of them greatly.

He is kind and courteous, clear on his motives and he is very prompt. Some of my houses can be time consuming due to square footage, but Marcello works very quickly and the results are always professional. I am continually amazed at how he can create such high quality photos on a time crunch. I appreciate his professionalism and ability to deliver. Thanks!

Sherry F.Agent

I have been an amateur photographer for about 10 years and have considered myself to take great photos. When it came time to sell my home I knew I didn’t need anyone’s help in getting the right images to sell my home. When I went several months without any comments or traffic to my listing I called Marcello.

After seeing him come into my home and put on quite the production I was convinced that I was no longer a photographer. He not only brings professional equipment in for the shoot, but he simply spots things most people cannot see. Those little things are often the biggest difference in presenting your home to the public.

The house sold within weeks of Marcello’s gallery being posted. I appreciate the help very much.

Richard C.Retired

What a difference professional photos make when it comes to listing my homes online. I have been a real estate agent in this city for several years and until recently I had shot all the photos of my available home listings with either my own camera or some quick pics with my phone.

After using Real Estate Photography Reno I will never use those phone pictures again! These photos display my homes in an amazing way and I have heard nothing but great comments from people who call about my homes. They go on and on about the different rooms and say everything looks so beautiful. These photos have led to me doing more showing and more in-home tours.

Thanks Marcello for the quick and courteous work! You truly have a gift!

Larry S.Real Estate Agent

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